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Claim €150+€150 with Vivid Business!
Claim €150+€150 with Vivid Business!
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If you have a personal account with us and would like to open a Vivid Business account, we're delighted to introduce our latest marketing campaign!

Vivid Business is our brand-new and innovative financial solution for small and medium enterprises. All new members can enjoy our free plan or redeem a 2-month trial for any paid subscription, earn 5% interest on your funds and receive €150 in stock rewards in your personal account, along with another €150 in your business account.*

How to get your €150+€150?

  1. Go to Vivid Business’ Sign up page

  2. Sign up with your Vivid app credentials (important: use the same email and phone number as in your Vivid personal account to get the reward)

  3. Provide all the necessary information about yourself and your business. Please note that the company director(s) must have a European residency.

  4. Afterward, we will review the application and get back to you within 1 hour (some applications may require a bit more time)

  5. Top up your Vivid Business account with any amount before 31 May 2024

  6. The reward will be deposited into the stock reward section of your Vivid Personal account and into your business account within 3 business days.

This offer is valid until 31 May 2024.

Interest accounts are provided by Vivid Money BV, part of Vivid Money group, a financial institution authorized and regulated by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

​*The €150+€150 offer applies to all new members who joined on or after March 19, 2024. This offer is not available to Freelancers (legal types: Freiberufler, Kleingewerbetreibende, Eingetragene Kaufleute (e.K.)).

**The promotion is valid for the first 2 months after opening an Interest Account for all plans. Hereafter, you’ll receive the regular interest rate as per your plan. This rate applies to funds up to 10 million EUR.

***This promotion targets personal account holders transitioning to a business account for the first time. Existing business account holders are encouraged to watch for tailored promotions in the future.

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