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Invite a friend to Vivid Business—claim €150 for yourself and €150 for your friend
Invite a friend to Vivid Business—claim €150 for yourself and €150 for your friend
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We're excited to announce our new referral program!

If you have a personal account with us and know someone who might benefit from a Vivid Business account, consider referring them to us. As the referrer, you'll receive €150 in stock rewards once your friend successfully opens a Vivid Business account.

Your invited friend will also get €150 to their Vivid Business account, along with great Vivid Business perks. These include a 2-month trial on any tariff plan they choose, 4% interest on their funds, and much more.

How to get your €150?

  1. Open your Vivid Money App.

  2. Navigate to your profile and tap on ‘Invite a Friend.’

  3. Select ‘Business Account’ and share the referral link with your friend via email, social media, or your contacts before the end of March.

  4. Once your friend clicks the link and successfully opens an account with us, they should also top up their business account (more than €1) within 30 days after they start the onboarding.

  5. That’s it! You'll receive your rewards in the form of stock rewards within 3 business days after your friend has topped up their account. No other criteria are needed!

We'll also notify you when your friend joins Vivid Business via our app notifications. You can track their progress by visiting the profile section, tapping on ‘Invite a Friend,’ and then selecting ‘Open’ under ‘Invitations.’

Additionally, you can remind your friend about the link by clicking the ‘Remind’ button in the same section.

What if I invite multiple companies at once, and they all successfully open a business account?

There's no limit to how many referrals you can make. You'll receive all the bonuses in stock rewards in your personal account within 3 business days after each friend successfully opens a Vivid Business account with us.

What if my friend was invited by multiple people at once? Who will receive the bonus?

We'll determine whose referral link your friend used most recently to start their registration. The rewards will be disbursed to the owner of that link.

This offer is valid until 1 May 2024

Interest accounts are provided by Vivid Money BV, part of Vivid Money group, financial institution authorised and regulated by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

*The promotion is valid for the first 2 months after opening an Interest Account for all plans. Hereafter, you’ll receive the regular interest rate as per your plan. This rate applies to funds up to 10 million EUR.

**This promotion targets personal account holders transitioning to a business account for the first time. Existing business account holders are encouraged to watch for tailored promotions in the future.

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