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How to open an Interest Account?
How to open an Interest Account?
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If you're an existing Vivid Business account holder, here's a quick guide to top up your Interest Account:

Web Interface:

  1. Log in to your account via the web interface.

  2. Navigate to the sidebar menu and select "Interest Account."

  3. Click on "Top Up" located in the top right corner of your interface. Choose the source account for the transfer.

Vivid Money App:

  1. Open the business account in the Vivid Money App.

  2. Tap on "Interest Account."

  3. Select "Top Up."

  4. Choose the source account.

  5. Enter the amount.

  6. Confirm, and the transaction is completed!

By keeping your funds in the Interest Account, you can enjoy a 4% annual interest rate for the initial 2 months after opening an Interest Account for all plans, and it will subsequently be adjusted up to 3.5%, depending on the chosen tariff plan. This rate applies to funds up to 10 million EUR.

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