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Introducing Vivid Business
How is Vivid Business different and better than the others?
How is Vivid Business different and better than the others?
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Vivid, as a company, provides seamless financial services through a mobile banking app and a web interface. Recognized with the highest score "Sehr gut" by Handelsblatt, Germany’s leading business and financial journal, we are now expanding our product offerings to deliver enhanced financial services to our small and medium enterprise customers.

Regardless of the chosen tariff plan you choose, you can effortlessly issue virtual cards without any duration limitations, and at no cost. These virtual cards come with a German IBAN, and each one has its individual IBAN for added convenience. Additionally, the issuance of physical cards is complimentary, with delivery covered for each newly added team member. You can also choose your physical card’s color from 5 colors, including black. Notably, our card spending limit is set at 100,000 EUR per month.

Additionally, we offer supplementary services such as extra accounts or team members for an additional cost. To note, our highest one, Enterprise, will enable you to add up to 30 team members with 1000 free outgoing transfers per month.

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