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Introducing Vivid Business
What are the benefits of Vivid Business?
What are the benefits of Vivid Business?
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Vivid Business offers a remarkable range of features, providing users with the flexibility to manage their corporate accounts according to their specific roles and responsibilities. Key roles include Owner, Admin, and Assistant.

Among our initial features are:

Corporate Account

Designed to cater to businesses' specific needs, Vivid Business offers a wide array of features including support for EUR transactions, a great interest rate offered, and multiple accounts. It also allows team members to have different roles and permissions tailored to their key responsibilities. This ensures seamless management of your company's finances on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, your account comes with a German IBAN, and depending on your chosen tariff plan, you can have up to 30 accounts, each with individual IBANs.

Corporate Card

The corporate card serves as a secure payment solution tailored to meet business needs. You can issue both virtual and physical cards to cater to your company's requirements. Customize your card with a choice of 7 colors, including purple, orange, green, black, blue, pink, and turquoise. Assign cards to specific team members for business purposes. Last, enjoy our various card benefits, including high spending limits of up to 100,000 EUR per month, unlimited free issuance of virtual and physical cards (including the first delivery per added team member for physical cards), enhanced card security with no CVV in card details, and easy card management for setting limits and freezing within your account.

Payment & Transfer

Ensuring smooth money transfers is crucial for any business, and we're dedicated to providing this essential service. As part of our initial offering, we facilitate SEPA transactions across the EEA region.

Mobile App and Web Interface

Our business account is accessible in mobile app and web interface, ensuring convenient access to essential financial services. Key features include secure login and authentication, transaction initiation and authorization, real-time notifications, and accessible customer support. Currently, our sign-up process is exclusively available on the web platform.

Tailored Customer Support for 24/7

At Vivid, customer satisfaction is crucial, and we recognize the vital role of client support, especially for larger clients. We offer comprehensive support through informative articles, email assistance, and live chat with human agents. Our goal is to respond to all email queries within 1 hour and live chat inquiries within 2 minutes. With our 24/7 availability, you can always reach out to us for assistance whenever you need it. We're here to help!

Free Start and Competitive Tariff Plans

We offer four tariff plans: Free Start, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The best part? Our Free Start plan is completely free with no limits, along with fantastic perks tailored to your business needs. As an added bonus, we're thrilled to offer a 2-month free trial of any tariff plan you select. This way, you can experience all the benefits and decide which plan works best for you after the trial period ends.

Great Interest Rate Offered

Let your money grow with Vivid Business, this term is best suited for our Interest Account. We start with a generous 4% interest rate for the first 2 months, regardless of your chosen tariff plan. Afterward, the interest rate adjusts based on your plan. For instance, the Free Start plan offers 1%, Basic provides 1.5%, and Pro and Enterprise plans boast an attractive 3.5%. Plus, you can top up and withdraw your interest whenever you need!

As we progress, we are committed to expanding our services and features to better align with our customers' needs. Rest assured, you will be the first to receive any updates on these enhancements!

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