How do I order a physical card?
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We offer our physical card for free, with no limits, regardless of the tariff plan you're subscribed to. Additionally, we provide free delivery for the first card issuance per added team member. For subsequent card issuances, only the delivery cost needs to be paid, which is €9.90 for standard delivery and €24.90 for express delivery.

We also implement a monthly fee per inactive virtual card, depending on your tariff plan. It's €2 for Free Start and Basic plans, while it's free for Pro and Enterprise plans.

To reissue a physical card, you can do so either in the Web Interface or the App:

  1. In the Web Interface, go to the Cards section on the left side menu, and click on "Get a new card" at the top right corner. In the App, scroll down to the Cards segment and click "New Card."

  2. Choose the cardholder, which refers to the team member assigned to that card.

  3. Select the card type (virtual) and choose the color.

  4. Choose the money accounts the card will be linked to, where payments made by that card will be deducted.

  5. Set the card limit: Payment monthly limit & Withdrawal monthly limit, which can be changed even after ordering the card.

  6. Input the delivery address, pre-filled with information from when the business account was opened.

  7. Choose the delivery method.

  8. Click "Issue Card," and the card is ready to be used.

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