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Why was my account suddenly blocked or closed?
Why was my account suddenly blocked or closed?
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Discovering that your financial institution has blocked or closed your account can be a source of stress and frustration. It may leave you feeling uncertain about the reasons behind it and powerless to make any changes. However, financial institutions occasionally take such actions to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, adhere to their terms and conditions, and combat financial crimes. Here's a bit more insight into why this happens:

  • We suspect that your account details could be compromised or are susceptible to fraudulent activities.

  • There's reason to believe there's a deliberate violation of our Terms and Conditions.

  • You haven't verified your identity or updated an expired ID document.

  • Changes in your business nature, with a list of unsupported industries. You may check the list of unsupported industries here

If your account is restricted, please check the "Requests" tab on the website app menu to view the documentation or information needed. Our team may also contact you to help.

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