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How do I set up and manage SEPA direct debits?
How do I set up and manage SEPA direct debits?
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SEPA Direct Debits streamline both recurring payments such as utility and phone bills, as well as one-time purchases. To set up a Direct Debit, simply complete the provided mandate or authorization form from the service provider, including your account's IBAN and signature. This grants the service provider permission to regularly debit funds from your account.

How to request a refund on SEPA direct debit?

You can easily return any direct debit transactions initiated within the past 56 days (less than 8 weeks) directly from your account. Just follow these simple steps:

From your Vivid app

  1. Open your Vivid Money app.

  2. Navigate to the transaction located at the bottom center of the interface.

  3. Select the transaction you wish to refund.

  4. In the transaction details, tap on "Report an issue" and then "Request refund."

  5. Provide a reason for requesting a refund.

  6. Tap "Continue," and a confirmation popup will appear.

  7. Your refunded funds will be immediately reflected in your balance.

From web Interface

  1. Log in to your account using the web interface. Here's the link:

  2. In the left sidebar menu, select "Transactions."

  3. Choose the specific transaction you wish to refund.

  4. Within the transaction details, select "Request refund."

  5. Provide a reason for returning the direct debit, then click "Continue."

  6. Your refunded funds will promptly appear in your balance.

If you need to return multiple direct debits from the same merchant, simply repeat the steps outlined above for each transaction you wish to refund.

Please be aware that this direct debit return feature does not cancel any contracts or subscriptions you may have with the merchant.

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