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What roles are available within the Vivid Business account?
What roles are available within the Vivid Business account?
Updated over a week ago

Vivid Business offers three roles for its users:

  1. Owner
    The Owner role is given to the applicant who initiates the application process on behalf of the company. Upon successful account opening, the Owner has full access and permission to all features within the Vivid Business account. They also have the authority to request the closure of the business account if needed, making this role akin to a "God-mode" status within our platform.

  2. Admin
    An Admin can be invited upon the opening of the business account. This role is usually designated to key personnel such as managing directors. Similar to the Owner, the Admin has full access and permissions within the business account. However, they lack the ability to request the closure of the account or offboard the company.

  3. Assistant
    An Assistant has limited access and permissions compared to the Owner or Admin. This role is ideal for financial managers or accountants who require view-only access to certain aspects of the business account. For activities like initiating transfers, the Assistant will need to request approval from an Admin.

For a detailed breakdown of the specific accesses and permissions associated with each role, please refer to this page.

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