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How do I assign a card to my employee?
How do I assign a card to my employee?
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Both physical and virtual cards come with a designated cardholder. Assigning a card to a team member grants them access to use it for business transactions.

If you're an Admin or the Owner, here's how you can assign a card to a team member:

  1. Go to the Cards section on the left side menu of the web interface, on the top right corner there is an option to Get a new card. If it’s in the App, simply open the app, scroll down a bit, and there will be a segment for Cards, click New Card

  2. Click Invite a New Cardholder, then invite the employee you’d like to issue a card for. If your tariff plan allows more team members, you just need to choose the role for the team member invited (Admin or Assistant), and then fill in their full name and email address. If the quota for the team member has been reached, then they will need to pay for an additional team member.

  3. Once the team member accepts the invitation, the admin can issue a virtual or physical card, then choose this new team member as the cardholder

  4. The card then will be issued under the new team member’s name, not the company’s name

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